Bigg Boss 11: Week 12 Nomination Update Vote To Save Housemate


Bigg Boss 11 enters into the 12th week. Housemates dynamics change every week here. We all seen in last week where Shilpa, Hiten, Luv and Puneesh get nominated for eviction but as per HMs decision Hiten Tejwani gets eliminated from the show and went home.

This week another game-changing nomination happen. All the housemates are seen that they are taking in part of nomination discussion in code ward.

Bigg boss changed the game plane and nominated all the HMs except Hina Khan. All the Housemate use some funny code as

  • Hina Khan – Hongkong
  • Akash- Crab
  • Shilpa Shinde – Shimla
  • Arshi – Snake
  • Vikas – Bheja Fry
  • Priyank = Muscle
  • Luv – Lady’s Finger
  • Puneesh –  No name

So in this week who is nominated are

  • Luv
  • Vikas
  • Arshi
  • Priyank
  • Shilpa
  • Puneesh
  • Akash

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  1. plz convey my msg to #Bigboss11 Salman sir. Its a humble req plz tell Arshi khan not to use such wahiyad language dailouge jus to grab footage. The way she speaks its very disrespecting. She never gets violent on boys why only shilpa mam. hinakhan. Her tongue is very cheap sounds disgusting. We know its a game but this is not the way to play a game. specially my mom doesn’t like it when she pounce on shilpa mam or hinakhan. Plz tell her to keep control on her tongue. I wish i could tell her on her face . She not playing good at all it actually shows the class


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